Sunday, January 20, 2008

Multi-tasking Gym-ette

David encouraged me to return to blogging yesterday. So I figured I would add this entry about a funny thing I observed at the gym last week.

My routine includes some cardio and strength training. Friday as I was "running" on the elliptical I was distracted by the woman who was "running" next to me. I'll start by describing her look. Imagine a pretty in shape 30ish blond, with a ponytail, wearing a somewhat revealing but not provocative workout outfit (conveniently tucked up shirt showing her back tat). You know, kinda Barbie-like.

Now the gym I belong to is not one of those pick-up gyms. The members range in age from kids to the elderly, and various degrees of body types. Barbies are really far a few between. So you can imagine that this one stood out a bit.

Step in her friend/trainer. They started talking and since it was packed and I was so close to her I couldn't help but overhear parts of their conversation. Keep in mind that my hearing sucks now and I didn't have my hearing aid in. So their conversation was loud. What stood out from the conversation was her name. To protect her anonymity let's call her Betty Sue Harrington. It was one of the Anglo-Southern-Like names. I thought to myself, 'what a perfect name for a Barbie.'

But all that is only back story information to help clearly set the scene for you. What was amazing was what she was doing while running (and pretty fast I must say) on the elliptical. She was listening to her iPod, changing her song selections and texting on her phone. I immediately had this funny thought... I was so tempted to tap her on her shoulder and ask if she could twirl a baton too.

Imagine a Barbie who can multi-task.