Saturday, March 10, 2007

Holy @#$%

The stuff in storage was moved to our new house on Thursday. All things considered it went really well.

David left the temp apartment yesterday to go to the new house to begin the lovely task of unpacking the boxes. It made sense to leave Trixie behind so that she wouldn't get in the way.

That was when things went slightly awry.

There was one detail we both forgot; it was housekeeping day. Why was it an important detail to remember? Well let me tell you. Trixie is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. So there she was trapped in her crate as the monstrous vacuum was run past her God knows how many times.

I came home from work at around 5:00, opened the door and was assaulted by a horrific stench. You got it, the fear of the vacuum literally scared the shit out of her. Thankfully the padding that was in the crate acted as a shield and the poop was somehow in between the folded pad. Trixie was only soiled on her bottom and tail.

Poor thing ran out of her crate and was wagging her tail as if nothing happened. I managed to clean the crate and wash her in the tub without vomiting.

David and I felt terrible. We learned an important lesson -- if we decide to engage a housekeeper we will need to be sure we take Trixie out of the house the day they come to clean.


xtina said...

Ouch! What a ruff lesson! Glad she had forgotten about it by the time you got home, though. So I guess you're taking that Roomba off your housewarming gift list? xoxo! we miss you, especially on Sundays!

Greg said...

Nice new digs!...

Although I do feel terribly slighted that my own blog did not make it into the "blogs I read" cue featured on your site... I will still make my weekly pilgrimage to this great site to get my Dave and Kieth fix!

Sorry to hear about your recent shit-festival... but I suppose that a lesson learned is a fair exchange for a bit of clean-up.

Hope to hear fromyou soon,

Kevin said...

Congrats on not vomitting!

RiseyP said...

uh OH!! Poor Trix...

Nels said...

Ick. My imagination of the smell almost made me vomit. :) But at least it is over and you guys are in the new house and Trix can get used to it and settle down again.