Thursday, April 12, 2007

At long last - Pictures from Seattle

I apologize for the delay in posting pictures of the new house. I have been waiting until we were more settled with the home decor. We still have more to go but figured we'd better post some pictures before we got murdered by our friends and family ;-).

David, me and Trixie on our front porch

You can see more images here. The album has some pix from when we were living in temp housing at the Harbor Steps in downtown Seattle.



punkrawkpurl said...

Hey! Looks like you guys are on your way to being all settled in! Poor Trixie and her horrid vacuum story. Otis the cat totally sympathizes with her. Oakland misses you all!
how is the knitting coming along? how are the yarn shops? house, schmouse... let's talk about the important stuff! ; )

Nels said...

Yay, pictures!!! A brand-spanking new kitchen! Quite an upgrade from the Oakland abode, eh? Looks like a great place. Any backyard?

Risey P said...

hooray! what a gorgeous place - love the architecture!

also glad you posted pix of the temp housing and of seattle... makes me want to visit!!

your new friends look like nice folks. obviously they have good taste in people ;-)

Miss Nancy said...

Your new home looks beautiful! Love the new sofa and the kitchen. Hope you'll be very happy there.

Harbor Steps had very dramatic views - the sunsets were spectacular. Of course David's dad loved the mountains.

You all look great and happy out there in the PNW!!!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for getting these pix up! We can't wait to be out there next year!

darci said...

hey stranger! this is darci, your old writer pal from our glorious days at The Mart. :)

I have been following along on all the news of your move and I'm so glad that you guys seem to be happy and enjoying the new area.

Also, I got an offer from Amazon today, and wanted to touch base with someone who has made the move from down here to up there. So of course I thought of you first thing. What's the best way to reach you for some friendly advice on it? They're being awfully "used car salesman" like, and I only have a few days to make the decision, so if you have some time soon, it would be much appreciated. feel free to drop me a line at if you're so inclined. thx! darci p.s. i love the new place!

Janis said...

You lucky guys you! Congrats!!! I adore Seattle. I was just up there at a knitting retreat in the Cascade mountains (Sleeping Lady).


Alek Dopko said...

Nice house, guys! Can't wait to see it! By the way, my dad has an SLA trip. We'll see you in June!