Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Loving Memory of Mia

Sadly the day came today to say goodbye to Mia. He put up a great fight but in his old age (we think around 23) he simply wasn't having a good quality of life. It was a hard decision to put him down but we knew it was for the best.

Mia was a fighter -- 20 some odd years ago I picked Mia up at the airport, a sickly kitten that was given to my brother's partner as a gift from a class of flight attendants he was training who were all going to Miami International Airport (thus the name M.I.A.). The class got him from a pet store in Texas. The stupid people at the pet store thought he was a female and didn't realize how sick he was. He had a bad case of diarrhea and was touch and go for a few weeks.

Mia obviously made it through his early illness and became quite a character. He was a companion to a long line of pets, family members and friends. Hopefully all his previously departed furry, feathered, and scaly brothers and sisters greeted him today as he joined them crossing the rainbow bridge.

We'll miss you Mia.


RiseyP said...


My heart goes out to you and David. Mia was the softest, sweetest little guy who was so patient and good when I watched you give him his fluids last year. This every day activity was so kind of you and kept Mia surprisingly spry and able to leap onto tables and counters WELL into his golden (platinum?) years.

We love you, Mia. See you on the bridge...

-Marise and Jason

Sally Back East said...

Keith and David,

This morning I heard what I thought was Shimba, making a tumbled dash down the stairs and a jump to the kitchen counter as I was pouring my coffee. I smiled thinking he was letting me know he was okay. After opening your email, I know it was that trickster, Mia! Oh, he will be missed! But, brother, you better know, he's having on heck of a time romping with the old crew now!

Rick said...

So many memories. I remember when you phoned me to tell me kitten Mia was ill, some 20 yrs ago. I flew up and hepled you nurse him back to health, feeding him with a dropper. He was a fighter, pulled through and soon developed a character everyone loved, including his uncle Rick. He is safe and happy, and I look forward to seeing him and all my loved ones when the time comes for me to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Keith and David, I know from sad experience how difficult it is to say goodbye to a best friend. Tom and I are glad we had a chance to see Mia one last time before he left us. I'm so sorry!

Miss Nancy

Cheryl said...

Just thinking about Mia patiently observing the knitting lesson... whatta guy!

We are more than sorry...we send you all love.

Anonymous said...

Mia,I just want to thank you for being such a patient,gentle,and very humorous individual!You came into my life so many years ago, and along with your sister Sasha,warmed my heart and showed a former"cat hater" the error of my ways.So thanks for being a treasured part of our little family,and also know that Daddy David really misses you...XO

Greg said...


So sorry to hear that you had to go...

I was hoping that someday we might have another opportunity to sit and commune together about how terribly odd and wonderful your two owners were...

Sadly, I will now have to ruminate on these matters on my own without your sublime insight and infinite patience in regards to my lack of foresight and retrospect in matters of this sort. I will just blunder my way through it as best I can without you from now on...

I will do my best to look in on them as often as I can and make sure that they stay out of trouble in your absence.

Remarkably, Dexter has begun to exhibit your predicted markings and already bears more than a passing similarity to you... as per your observations. I will do my best to support him and his adolescent wiles until he reaches the proper age when I can impart upon him the wisdom you so patiently passed to me in our brief sojourn together. I only hope that with the passage of time, he will learn to shoulder the tremendous responsibility and charm that you hoped he would glean from your lessons and guidance.

I know that time is short and you must be off... but I must confess something to you now that I prefer that you keep from the others waiting for you at the end of your journey... if only to ease my sense of embarrassment and possible awkwardness that may result from it's repetition. I know that you will understand... it was always easy to depend on you for comfort.

You were always my favorite.

Good boy.

I love you,

Alek Dopko said...

Waaaaaaaa! I miss Mia! Well, at least I saw him before I left Seattle. BTW, if you get on my blog, or by email, can you tell me how it is going up there. Cheerio!