Friday, September 19, 2008

When whimsy goes bad

When we first moved to North Queen Anne we didn't realize how close we were to Fremont. The thrill of being between 2 nice neighborhood centers was invigerating. Plus we were very happy that we were so close to Lake Union. We even thought that it was nice to have a cute bridge to cross. And it adds to the beautiful urban landscape.

Well that whimsical highlight was short-lived, at least from David's perspective. An old friend used to have a saying of which I will paraphrase, 'Don't put things you don't want to happen into the Universe (either verbally or in thought)'.

The cute drawbridge that connects us to the Fremont neighborhood goes up very often, especially during the summer, to let tall ships pass. It was a novelty for us at first that David quickly grew tired. And I truly believe that because he dislikes having to wait for the bridge to return to its crossible and prone position, 99% of the time that he comes close to the bridge the familar boat horn blows, the bridge warning bells ring, the blockacade drops and up goes the drawbridge. The percentage for me happens a lot less. I understand that I have no control of the situation.

A few weeks ago I captured this lovely pic:

Maybe David could benefit from following my friend's saying, don't you think :-)?


Kevin said...

Roadblocks are so charming.

Nels said...

David should have a talk with the bridge operator. Maybe the operator has binoculars and can see David heading to the bridge.

Anonymous said...

I know this is true - I've witnessed it!

Too funny!!!

Miss Nancy